Historic Dam Power House, Denton, North Carolina

Why were we there:
Deterioration and Distress

Services Rendered:
Condition Assessment, Load Rating, Retrofit Design and Repair Recommendations

The roof structure of an historic dam power house had experienced extensive deterioration and was exhibiting signs of structural distress resulting from inadequate design.  Jeffrey M. Young & Company structurally evaluated the power house roof structure.

Our evaluation consisted of a visual condition assessment to gain an understanding of the of the overall condition of the roof and to determine the nature and extent of damages to the roof structure.  Our evaluation also included structurally analyzing all structural elements in the roof to determine a safe load rating for the roof system.

Upon completion of the evaluation, Jeffrey M.Young & Company provided various repair options used to help develop construction cost estimates.  We also designed retrofitting of selected structural elements in the roof.

Historic Dam Power House, Denton, North Carolina
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