Family Dollar Store, Charlotte, North Carolina

Why were we there:
Roof Collapse

Services Rendered:
Investigation, Structural Evaluation, Repair Recommendations, and Claim Support

After the roof of a retail facility collapsed, Jeffrey M. Young & Company was retained to determine the origin and cause of the collapse.  Utilizing destructive and non-destructive examination and testing methods in the field and laboratory in conjunction with analysis calculations, we determined where the collapse originated and its cause.

During the course of the investigation, we discovered wide spread construction deficiencies that adversely affected the building's overall structural integrity.  Our ensuing structural evaluation utilized visual and instrumentation-based destructive and non-destructive examination techniques to locate the various construction deficiencies and assess the overall structural integrity of the building.

Based upon the findings of our investigation and evaluation, we provided recommendations that were utilized in determining whether to repair or replace the structure and associated cost estimates.

Family Dollar Store, Charlotte, North Carolina
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