Parking Garage, Charlotte, North Carolina

Why were we there:
Deterioration and Distress

Services Rendered:
Condition Assessment, Load Testing, Repair Recommendations, Structural Health Monitoring

Due to the presence of deterioration throughout the approximately 825,000 square feet, 2,500 space, six level parking garage, Jeffrey M. Young & Company was asked to structurally evaluate the garage.  Our evaluation consisted of visually assessing the garage to gain a general understanding of its condition, determine and document the nature and extent of the deterioration, and develop repair recommendations.

During the evaluation we discovered evidence of on-going distress to two major structural elements on the top level of the garage.  Due to time constraints and a lack of structural documentation pertaining to the garage, we recommended performing a load test to assess the structural integrity of the two elements.  Jeffrey M. Young & Company developed a protocol for and oversaw performance of the load test.

Upon completing our field work, we issued an engineering evaluation report containing our findings and recommendations.  We subsequently monitored the structural health of the parking garage for twelve months.

Parking Garage, Charlotte, North Carolina
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