Crown Point Elementary School, Charlotte, NC

Why were we there:
Vehicle impact and Construction Deficiencies

Services Rendered:
Damage Survey, Condition Assessment, Design of Repairs, Bid Phase Services, Construction Administration, and Litigation Support

After a car impacted a wall at the school building, Jeffrey M. Young & Company was hired to assess the condition of and design repairs to the impacted wall and adjacent areas.  Examination of the masonry wall revealed serious construction deficiencies.  Examination of other randomly selected walls revealed similar severe deficiencies.  Due to concerns about the extent and nature of the deficiencies, we recommended evaluation of all masonry walls in the building.

Our evaluation of the masonry walls consisted of visual assessment combined with destructive and non-destructive examination and revealed wide-spread construction deficiencies.  The deficiencies severely compromised the buillding's structural integrity and required extensive repairs.

Unless the school were to be temporarily closed and students relocated, repairs had to be completed over the summer break.  After conventional repairs were determined to be too expensive and lengthy, Jeffrey M. Young & Company developed and monitored performance of a unique repair plan that was completed over the summer break and saved the school system millions of dollars.

During the ensuing legal phase, we provided litigation support by assisting our client's attorneys and serving as an expert witness.

Crown Point Elementary School, Charlotte, NC
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